Welcome to my website - a comprehensive collection of worldcoins in a clearly arranged database

I’ve been collecting circulating coins from all over the world for some years and I want to display my collection on this site.

I consider collecting coins as a very relaxing hobby. My focus lies on diversity, therefore you won’t find many special editions, commemorative coins or collectables on here.

Currently my collection consists of nearly 7.200 different coins and over a 1000 doubles, which I offer for exchanging or maybe purchasing.  If you’re interested, please use the “Tauschbörse” and the contact form.

Coins are sorted in a database and all pictures are being displayed in 200x150 pixels, in order to provide a better overall view.

The foundation I use to sort my coins is the 2008 issue of Gerhard Schön’s Weltmünzkatalog (Coins of the World, catalog)